Elvington Harriers AFC

An FA Charter Standard Club


Our Ethos

1.  Key Principles

The club is for the people of Elvington and surrounding areas. Our main purpose is to enable all sections of the community to play football for enjoyment, friendship, team spirit and personal development.

We will judge our success according to a combination of the following:

  • The size of club;
  • Our reputation with  the FA, other clubs and local parents;
  • Player retention and development;
  • Our performance in competitions.

The purpose of the club is to promote grassroots football for junior to senior age groups. To do this we will foster:

  • Fair play and good football;
  • A ‘team’ and a ‘Club’ spirit;
  • A safe and supportive environment.

2. Objectives

We recognise that players have different needs according to age and skills. We will support their technical, social, psychological and physical development so that they can enjoy and improve their game and develop as team players and members of our club and community.  To do this we will:

  • Provide a setting where all who want to play have the opportunity to do so;
  • Provide a supportive arena where players can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety;
  • Foster a culture in which coaches, parents and players encourage and support players to improve their skills;
  • Develop a culture of practice, appropriate challenge, fun and enjoyment.

3. Age Appropriate Coaching

For junior players, up until the point at which they move to playing one game in their league:

  • All children should be given equal playing time on match-day whenever and wherever possible;
  • We will help players develop their game understanding by rotating playing positions during both practice and games;
  • We will ensure that players are given the chance to play a “game” during every practice session.
  • We will try not to stop the game/practice too often so that children can experience the “flow” of the game. We want to prevent the children’s arena becoming dominated by adults.

For older players, coaches will progressively provide more strategic and tactical direction for their team, whilst continuing to prioritise a positive learning environment and improvement through squad development. The methods and content of training will be appropriate to the age and ability of the players in each age range and an ethos of fair play and player welfare will remain at the heart of the team.

4. Team and Club Development

We recognise that player development goes hand in hand with team and club development. To strengthen and grow our club in the interests of our players and the wider community we will therefore:

  • Support the development of coaches and managers by encouraging  them to access training and through the provision of peer-mentoring and support;
  • Celebrating the achievements of our managers and coaches and recognise their contribution to the development of their players and teams;
  • Foster a culture in which parents encourage and support coaches, teams and the club;
  • Work with local partners to promote grassroots football and community development.

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